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All Workations, Community Programs, Digital Nomad Retreats in Vietnam
Go Explore Vietnam in a way very few ever do with local and international entrepreneurs, creative professionals, and location-flexible workers.
Enjoy travelling while learning something new, connecting with like-minded international people, and give back to the local community.
How much is an all-inclusive program package?
All Programs are now priced 399 USD/week only
What previous explorers say about us?
Gianluca - Go Explore Coordinator
Go Explore gave me the opportunity to discover new places, get in touch with local people and other entrepreneurs, explore and understand the local culture, and focus on my work at the same time. Having someone that can help you organize your journey can be a great help for a videographer.
Gianluca Ardiani
- Coordinator - Freelance Videographer at Culture Trip
Anna - Go Explore trainer
The whole progress of events, organization and hosting of the community workshop was smooth and uncomplicated. The team had a great skill to have everyone and everything in the right place at the right time - well organized and professional. I am looking forward to working together again in the future!
Anna Priewasser
- Event Trainer - Body Language Coach
Annie Vu - Go Explore
Great experiences on the Entrepreneurship Cruise 4.0 in Halong to discuss with other entrepreneurs about tourism, travelling, and entrepreneurship in general. We party and learn together, get to know each other, and grow up a bit together. It's absolutely a mind-changing program.
Annie Vu
- Member - Founder & CEO of Tubudd